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Why Do I Need Branding?

Branding. That word gets thrown around a lot. But what exactly does that term encompass? What does it really mean? Is that something a church even needs to worry about?

To put it in simple terms, your brand refers to the way an entity defines itself. This typically includes your logo, colors, slogan, fonts, and appearance. However, this can also refer to the way you choose to conduct yourself, the priorities you focus on, and way you do business. As a church, that can also include how you identify yourself. Are you the big, megachurch? Are you a small, country church? Are you a church where young families can grow? Your brand is what you communicate about yourself to your audience.

When you start viewing branding in this way, all of the sudden the need for an intentional message and method for communicating becomes very important. Instead of hastily putting together a graphic for the next church event, think through what the images, fonts, and even colors you are using is communicating to the audience.

The first step in this process set up some basic procedures that will start creating consistency in how you communicate:

- Make sure that you have a specific logo, font, and colors that you are using every time you put the church's name anywhere.

- Do you have guidelines in place for church official documents?

- Do you have guidelines for graphics/announcements that are created?

- How do you communicate information to your audience? every time?

- Develop a short bio for the church. Who are you and who do you want to be?

While this is only the start for developing a branding strategy, taking these first few steps can definitely help you define the why and how for your church communications.

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