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How to Do Mother's Day At Church

Mother's Day is always a beautiful and hard holiday. For many, holidays are a time for families to gather and celebrate, for others it brings the remembrance of loss and grief. For many churches Mother's Day is the opportunity to have the Pastor's wife give a sermon on motherhood, and while that may not be terrible per se, it can be very difficult for many.

Many women are reminder of their mothers who have passed.

Many women are reminded of the miscarriages they had.

Many women are reminded of the children they cannot bare.

Think twice before you ask all the mothers in the room to stand up. Think about the recognition you bring to some, because it also brings shame and sadness to others. Mother's day should not be about celebrating those who have physically birthed children, but about all the women who have ever been a part of someone's life. So many women hold that "mother" role for us, without having biologically been our mom. Mother's Day is a celebration of all the women who have been a part of our lives.

Practical tips:

Instead of having all the moms stand up, have all the women stand up.

Offer a flower to every woman who comes into church that Sunday.

Speak openly about miscarriage, death, adoption, infertility. Don't ignore the hard topics.

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